Save the Cat! The Last Book on Screenwriting You’ll Ever Need (14)


  1. Pick up the newspaper and pitch this week’s movie choices to a friend. Can you think of ways to improve the movie’s logline or poster?
  2. If you are already working on a screenplay, or if you have several in your files, write the loglines for each and present them to a stranger. By pitching in this way, do you find the logline changing? Does it make you think of things you should have tried in your script? Does the story have to change to fit the pitch?
  3. Grab a TV Guide and read the loglines from the movie section. Does the logline and title of a movie say what it is? Do vague loglines equate with a movie’s failure in your mind? Was its lack of a good “What is it?” responsible in any way for that failure?
  4. If you don’t have an idea for a screenplay yet, try these five games to jump-start your movie idea skills:
    1. GAME #1a: Funny____________
      Pick a drama, thriller, or horror film and turn it into a comedy. Example: Funny Christine – The haunted dream car of a teenage boy that ruins his life now becomes a comedy when the car starts giving dating advice.
    2. GAME #1b: Serious____________
      Likewise, pick a comedy and make it into a drama. Serious Animal House – Drama about cheating scandal at a small university ends in A Few Good Men-like showdown.
    3. GAME #2: FBI out of water
      This works for comedy or drama. Name five places that a FBI agent in the movies has never been sent to solve a crime. Example: “Stop or I’ll Baste!”: Slob FBI agent is sent undercover to a Provence Cooking School.
    4. GAME #3: ____________School
      Works for both drama and comedy. Name five examples of an unusual type of school, camp, or classroom. Example: “Wife School”: Women sent by their rich husbands soon rebel.
    5. GAME #4: VERSUS!!!
      Drama or comedy. Name several pairs of people to be on opposite sides of a burning issue. Example: A hooker and a preacher fall in love when a new massage parlor divides the residents of a small town.
    6. GAME #5: My____________ Is A Serial Killer
      Drama or comedy. Name an unusual person, animal, or thing that a paranoid can suspect of being a murderer. Example: “My Boss Is A Serial Killer”. Guy gets promoted every time a dead body turns up at the corporation – is the murderer his employer?

And if you come up with a really good logline for a family comedy, here is my e-mail address: I’d be happy to hear a good one… if you think you’ve got it.


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